How I landed a job in Dubai

I came to Dubai on a visit visa, and started looking for a job. I landed a job, on merit and without anyone's intercession. Here's how I helped myself get lucky.
Back home in Islamabad, I was content with all that I had: a good job, a car that got me from point A to B, my mom, and family. But After years of working in the same place, I felt saturated. I sold my car, converted all my savings to Dhirams, and left for Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I took the gamble. I love to learn. And man, did I learn!

First week in Dubai I was shook. Beginning week two I started to realize that Dubai is a goldmine. So much to discover, good and bad. Such a wide spectrum of nationalities and languages, all in one place. I was definitely hooked. 

So I started looking for a job. It was hard. The job websites, the newspaper vacancy ads, the recruitment agencies seemed hell bent to do nothing but waste my time. These conventional methods of landing a job may work for someone already working in the UAE, but no, they don't work if you're a Pakistani who:
  1. Has no prior experience in the GCC
  2. Is on a visit visa that limits stay to a maximum of 60 days.
I tried the conventional ways, but soon i realized that I'll have to do something different. I didn't come here for the money, I came for glory. As has been always with whatever I did in life, money just seemed to follow glory. I've always have had to take risks. 

So in my last thirty days, I discovered a way to bypass the third party recruitment agencies and classified websites. Instead I got directly in touch with the prospective employers.

Wondering how? Google. Observe:

I was looking for a job in IT Sales. This is the way that didnt work for me, the way every other person does:

Look at the results in the picture above. They're from time wasting third party sites that don't really care if I land a job or not. And this screen shot is only the first page. 

So, I made a list of these third party job sites and excluded them from my searches. 

Look at these results. Look again. They're direct links to career pages of companies in the UAE. Look at the search bar. Here's what i searched:


I excluded 32 third party job classified websites from my results. You can fine tune this search as per the position you're looking for. The "-site:" search operator excludes a site from google search queries. 

I work as an IT Executive in Dubai now. I found my employer just like I showed you above. Hope this was helpful. Good luck. And stay positive. I love you.

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